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vwe internet is a quality and respected UK provider of Internet services. We offer a range of customised and fully supported services that cater for the non-technical and technical alike. Our off the shelf services include internet access by Modem or ISDN, ADSL, advanced CGI and FrontPage 2000 enhanced www hosting, domain name hosting and registration, WebMail/EMail/MailList solutions, secure E-Commerce servers and secure shell accounts.


The demand for domain names is constantly on the increase and viable options are narrowing all the time. See all your domain name options now by typing your company name or "special" words into our Global Domain Search and clicking Search Now! - Until the end of June, get a UK Domain Name for free when you take up our Internet Starter Package for a year. That means no setup fee and a saving of 19! - Need an internet connection? Our modem and Single/Dual channel ISDN dial-up access 'vwe DIAL Dynamic' is now available as a complimentary service to all our customers. Lo-call phone charges apply. - If you require a connection with a fixed/static IP, 'vwe DIAL Static' is available at 5 per month with 0845 access. Please note a static IP is required by customers who wish to use SMTP for EMail delivery. - For information on how to apply for or configure your computer to use vwe DIAL, click the Other Services link at the bottom of this page. - Do you need 24 hour access to your EMail from anywhere on the internet using just a web browser? Then we have the solution! Introducing 'vwe webmail' a sophistacted web based EMail management system that caters for all your EMail needs. Click the EMail link at the bottom of the page for more details. - If you like IRC, but not all the hassle of channel takeovers, malicious user attacks and netsplits then you need 'Channel Manager' our special EggDrop bot. We offer a proven stable bot, that has clear and easy to use features and full online help. No compiling or technical knowledge is required, all you need is your favourite IRC program. - If Channel Manager isn't force enough, further enhance channel stability with 'Sentinel' our new EggDrop Guard bot. Together they make a formidable team! For more details on Channel Manager or Sentinel, click on the EggDrop link at the bottom of the page. - vwe internet's goal is to deliver reliable first class services to our customers and we are proud to be currently offering a 99.9% service uptime!

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